Productivity And The Stretch Wrap

Posted on: 19 May 2016

Pallets are commonly used as a packaging material by a large number of commercial entities. The wrapping of pallets in these entities can either be done manually or by using a pallet wrapping machine.

Interested business owners are invest in a stretch pallet wrapping machine because they were promised that using the machine will increase the productivity of employees. Here are three ways that a wrapping machine will increase productivity.

A Reduced Need For Physical Labour

In a large number of cases, commercial entities use medium to large-sized pallets for the packaging of goods. In order for an employee to hand-wrap a wooden pallet (for example), he or she will need to walk in circles around the pallet for a considerable amount of time.

In contrast, an employee using a stretch pallet wrapper would simply need to place the pallet onto the stretch wrapper and observe. Several pallets down the line, the employee using a stretch wrap is likely to be less fatigued than the employee who was wrapping pallets by hand.

Being that fatigue is among the greatest threats to employee productivity in a commercial entity, investing in a stretch pallet wrapping machine is investing in the productivity of employees.

Fewer Cases Of Work-Related Injuries

An injured employee is definitely a less productive employee. Sticking with the example of wooden pallets, an employee using the stretch pallet wrapper is less likely to suffer work-related injuries.

A medium or large sized wooden pallet will often have sharp-pointed edges. Because hand-wrapping the pallet would require an employee to go round these edges severally, it's relatively easy for the employee to smash into one of the sharp-pointed edges and suffer serious injuries.

The reduced likelihood of injury when wrapping pallets could easily translate to a reduced rate of employee absenteeism. This is bound to have a positive impact on productivity levels within the business entity.

Consistency And Uniformity

Workplace productivity is not only determined by the number of pallets wrapped within a given time frame. The final quality of wrapped pallets is also an important factor in evaluating productivity.

It is difficult (if not impossible) for an employee to maintain a uniform and consistent thickness (for example) of the material used to wrap individual pallets. This could easily encourage the shifting of pallets from their original position during transportation.

When using a stretch pallet wrapping machines, specifications such as thickness of the wrap material around a pallet are pre-set. Thus, the quality of wrapped pallets that go through the machine is uniform and consistent.