• Keep These Things in Mind Before Using Screw Piles for Your Foundation

    Screw piles go by many names in the industrial and manufacturing market. Some people call them screw anchors or helical anchors, while others refer to them as helical piles. Either way, they save the same purpose when you use them in construction projects. They provide good anchorage and support for buildings by allowing you to come up with deep, tailor-made foundations. Additionally, screw piles have an added advantage over other methods of building or reinforcing foundations. [Read More]

  • Tips to Help You Determine the Type of Oil Flush that You Need

    Oil flushing is very important in ensuring that your pipes and process equipment stay clean and efficient for manufacturing. Flushing should be carried out regularly to make sure that the machinery does not accumulate more dirt than it should and also to prevent frequent breakdowns which happen when there are too many contaminants in the system. There are some flushes available in the market, and the ideal process depends on your specific machinery and its unique needs. [Read More]

  • Using Stainless Steel for Your Industrial Garage Doors

    Garage doors for industrial applications are different from the ones homeowners use on their personal properties. Indeed, these doors are typically larger, of higher quality and of higher performance. Industrial garage doors cover warehouse entrances, building entry points and factory entry points. They undergo heavier usage than most other garage doors and need to be resistant to wear and tear, corrosion and physical damage. Stainless steel is one of the most effective materials used to design industrial garage doors. [Read More]

  • How To Get The Most Out Of Your Upcoming Structural Contract

    Whether you are looking to create a simple backyard shed or a major industrial complex, you will most likely encounter the need for structural steel fabrication. It is a major part of the modern construction industry and it provides thousands of jobs across Australia. Due to its position as a key part of the industrial and manufacturing industry, there is a lot of competition for contracts relating to steel fabrication, and it can be very daunting to wade into this arena if you are a newcomer. [Read More]

  • Water Pumps: Three Crucial Tips for Preventing Accelerated Deterioration

    In general, the commercial water pumps designed and built for moving water from wells, tanks and boreholes are durable. Therefore, you will not need to perform frequent replacement of the component after installation on your property. However, you should know that pumps will not last forever. The strain of constant use will cause the gradual deterioration of the unit and eventual failure. Fortunately, you can prevent accelerated wear and related problems by maintaining the pump. [Read More]

  • Stainless But Not Rainless: Should You Choose A Stainless Steel Water Tank For Your Rainwater Collection System?

    Water is the most valuable resource on earth, and collecting your own supply of precious water without having to rely entirely on centralised, privately run sources can be a tremendous boon for any household. Using a rainwater collection system can also help you save on your energy bills, and is excellent for the environment as a whole since you will draw less water from aquifers and other limited sources. However, no rainwater collection system is complete without a tank to store the collected water in, and when it comes to tank materials, the number of choices on offer can be overwhelming. [Read More]

  • A Comparison Between Santoprene and Silicone

    Manufacturers who would like to switch from synthetic rubber to other materials with better attributes may select between silicone and TPV Santoprene. The particular material selected should be based on one's requirements relative to the attributes of these two elastomeric materials. This article compares those two materials so that you can make an informed decision when selecting the one to use during your manufacturing processes. Wastage  It is sometimes inevitable that some wastes will be produced during the process of making products from raw materials. [Read More]

  • What Is Chain Link Fencing?

    A chain link fence is easy to identify because it has a diamond-shaped structure that is made up of zig-zagging wires. These wires are interconnected to one another by a process that is referred to as weaving. This creates a mesh that can be installed rapidly by simply rolling it out on site and attaching it to a framework. As such, wire fencing tends to be a popular choice in industrial situations where a cheap solution is needed to prevent unwarranted access or to mark off one area from another. [Read More]