Using Stainless Steel for Your Industrial Garage Doors

Posted on: 13 June 2018

Garage doors for industrial applications are different from the ones homeowners use on their personal properties. Indeed, these doors are typically larger, of higher quality and of higher performance. Industrial garage doors cover warehouse entrances, building entry points and factory entry points. They undergo heavier usage than most other garage doors and need to be resistant to wear and tear, corrosion and physical damage.

Stainless steel is one of the most effective materials used to design industrial garage doors. The material is rigid, durable and resistant to corrosion. It is also easier to work with, allowing welders to design unique garage doors with clean and attractive finishes. Stainless steel can easily be combined with rollers, springs, and tracks that are required to design the full garage door surface.

If you need new doors for your warehouse or factory, stainless steel is a useful material to use. Here's how stainless steel can benefit your industrial space.

It is durable

Stainless steel doors are among the most durable in the market. Once installed, they are tough to penetrate, and they're also resistant to multiple weather conditions. Because stainless steel doors are resistant to corrosion, they're able to remain in good working condition for longer periods of time and to resist wear and tear.

It is flexible

Stainless steel is easy to weld and curate into multiple shapes and sizes. As a result, these doors are flexible for fitting into properties of many different sizes. It is also easy to add many different functions, such as remote control compatibility and other automation features.

It is easy to maintain

The crisp, clean surface makes stainless steel garage doors easy to maintain. The surface doesn't attract dust and is difficult to scratch and damage, and cleaning it is as easy as wiping it down or spraying it with a water hose. In this way, the doors maintain a clean and professional appearance with minimal maintenance requirements.

It is easy to operate

Stainless steel is one of the best materials for withstanding heavy use. These doors are designed to operate with a simple opening and closing mechanism. As result, stainless steel garage doors can be used on many different industrial premises because personnel will have an easier time operating them.

It has aesthetic appeal

Even without any further modification, stainless steel doors look clean, shiny and attractive. The panels make any property look much more attractive and can increase the marketability of your premises.

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