Water Pumps: Three Crucial Tips for Preventing Accelerated Deterioration

Posted on: 25 April 2018

In general, the commercial water pumps designed and built for moving water from wells, tanks and boreholes are durable. Therefore, you will not need to perform frequent replacement of the component after installation on your property. However, you should know that pumps will not last forever. The strain of constant use will cause the gradual deterioration of the unit and eventual failure. Fortunately, you can prevent accelerated wear and related problems by maintaining the pump. Here are some crucial tips to help you prolong the service life of your water pump.

Install the Plumbing Correctly

You should ensure that the plumbing pipes connected to the water pump are installed correctly. Poor placement of these channels can cause malfunctions in the operation, and the pump could experience accelerated degradation and failure. For example, some pumps will not function as expected if they draw in too much air during the pumping process. Therefore, when you are installing your pipe, you must take measures to minimise the entry of air into the inlet pipes. You can install tightly fitted piping and washers to exclude air. It is advisable to have a professional pump technician handle the installation work to prevent malfunctions.

Check the Environment

You should evaluate your environment before installing a pump on your property. Water pumps are resilient and can withstand adversities. However, there are delicate components in these devices which will malfunction if the surroundings become harsh. Ideally, you should purchase a pump which is compatible with the potential application space. For example, there are certain pipes which are vulnerable to exposure to water. Therefore, they must be protected from rain and other sources of moisture. This type of pump should be used indoors. If it must be used in the outdoors, you must build a protective shelter.

Avoid Overexerting the Pump

You should not use your pump at its maximum capacity at all times. The unit will be able to keep moving water under strain, but the internal components will experience undue mechanical stress. Consequently, the rate of internal wear will be accelerated, and the pump might fail faster than expected. Where possible, you should utilise your pumping unit at a subnormal capacity. This practice will minimise the wear of the device and ensure prolonged service. If you are currently shopping for a new water pump, you should look for one that exceeds your pumping needs for optimal performance and minimal strain.

Finally, you should conduct immediate repairs if you notice any anomalies in pump operation.