The Benefits of Strip Curtains for Businesses

Posted on: 24 February 2017

Business owners should always be looking for ways to reduce costs and to augment productivity. Thankfully, in many applications strip curtains are able to do both. This is because they are extremely reliable and functional items that allow for constant access to take place while keeping heating costs down.

A typical application for them would be in a warehouse's goods-in area – somewhere opening and shutting doors all the time is impractical and yet where a material that separates this inside from the outside is desirable. Let's take a further look into why strip curtains can be beneficial for a range of enterprises.

Control Access

Open doorways may mean fast-flowing routes for workers and goods, but they offer little control in terms of access. A strip curtain, on the other hand, cuts off one part of a commercial operation from the next. They might not completely prevent unwarranted access onto your property or into a commercially sensitive area but they certainly make it less likely that people will simply wander through unchecked.

Maintain Safety

Materials like PVC are durable and safe even when they have been installed as strip curtains for years. Clear PVC strip curtains, often fitted in conjunction with PVC doors, allow you to see what is going on at the other side before you enter a building. This makes for safer access through workplaces, especially if things like forklift trucks will be driven through strip curtains to move goods around. In short, strip curtains made of clear PVC allow you to maintain a line of sight that reduces the likelihood of an industrial accident.

Keep Out Wildlife

Hanger doors and twin storey openings are often open to the elements, and this can mean birds and insects find their way into storage rooms and even offices when the doors are open. Strip curtains move out of the way when you want to get in but rapidly fall back into place once you have done so, creating a physical barrier against wildlife.

Create a Constant Temperature

Most working environments become less productive when the air temperature gets too hot for employees. Keeping the bright Australian sun out of internal working areas can be achieved with the addition of a set of strip curtains without needing to have a production facility or warehouse closed off by a door or roller shutter. In places where the internal air temperature is chilled, for instance in cold stores, the energy savings brought about by high-quality strip curtains can be great because less cold air is lost to the outside than would otherwise be the case without them.