Top Reasons Why New Building Owners Should Use Prefabricated Steel Products for Their Construction

Posted on: 27 March 2017

Metal fabricators use various metal materials, including steel and steel alloys, aluminium and aluminium alloys, copper and copper alloys, etc., to make an extensive range of products for use in building construction projects. But this piece will focus specifically on steel fabrication. 

Steel fabrication is the manufacture of steel products through the use of fabrication techniques. New building owners can reap a lot of benefits by opting to build with prefabricated steel construction products, such as steel roofing trusses, steel roofing panels, steel window and door frames, steel piles, and the list goes on and on. 

Here is a look at some clear benefits associated with the use of factory-made steel products in the construction of new buildings.

They provide excellent durability.

If you want to build a structure that will last for years and years, without demanding frequent maintenance and repairs, prefabricated steel is the go-to construction material. To begin with, steel is naturally a very strong metal, which can be made even stronger by converting it into metal alloys. The addition of nickel to stainless steel, for example, makes the steel much tougher than it was in its pure form. Therefore, steel alloys can always be used when extra strength is needed. Second, the manufacture of steel components in the factory environment ensures that the final products are of high quality, as everything is made as per the exact specifications of your project. 

Generally speaking, products made from prefabricated steel or steel alloys hold up well against extreme weather, such as strong winds, heavy rain, snow and ice, which would drastically end the lifespan of many alternatives, such as wood, brick and concrete. The durability of prefabricated steel products also translates into cost savings over the long term. This is because associated life cycle costs are much lower compared to many traditional construction products. 

They are a good choice for the environment.

Aside from being highly functional, prefabricated steel building products are also a great choice for the environment. Steel is a fully recyclable material, meaning that zero steel waste will be deposited at landfills when it is time to take down steel buildings. Steel recycling also reduces the demand for virgin raw materials required in the manufacturing of new steel. This minimises environmentally disruptive activities, such as mineral exploration and mining.

Consider getting in touch with a reputable steel manufacturer or supplier when you are ready to embark on your building construction project for additional info. There's so much more that you can gain by building with prefabricated steel products.