How Laser Cutting Can Personalise Products to Great Effect

Posted on: 29 March 2017

Because laser cutting is so often used for high-precision manufacturing components and to make expensive architectural installations, it is all too easy to think that it has nothing to do with consumer products. However, one of the great things about the process is that it can be used to add a personal touch to all sorts of products and promotional items.

For example, if you want to etch a message for a one-off occasion, such as a vase for a wedding anniversary, then you might like to consider just how well a computer-controlled laser cutting service can do the job for you. Furthermore, when you need to make the same marks repeatedly and with a high degree of control, laser cutting really comes into its own. With the ability to repeat etching and marking services without necessarily cutting through at all, branding your promotional items with a logo and message is made easy with this high-tech machining process.

  • Custom Design Wood Cutting

Simple designs are easy to punch out of material like plywood, but if you are using a more durable timber, then laser cutting it is often preferable. For instance, if you want to cut out key ring-sized sections of wood in the shape of your corporate logo for a promotional giveaway at a trade fair, then use a laser cutting system. No punch out tooling needs to be fabricated – you just upload the design to the cutting machine's computer. What's more, holes and hollows can be cut through the centre of the wood to allow key rings to be put through. Coasters, signs and even wooden panelling can all be machined in this way to create stunning effects.

  • Bespoke Design Metal Cutting

Just like wood, metal is easily fashioned by a laser cutting system. In terms of promotional items, personalised rulers, set squares and other drawing aids are often great giveaway items that can have your telephone number or website details etched in. Superb for all sorts of design firms, these and other metal freebies are perfect for getting your business noticed. Other metal products that might be etched for you using a laser cutter include plaques and even intricate items of jewellery.

  • Promotional Paper and Card Cutting

Looking to create a distinctive invitation? If so, then laser cutting your corporate details into a promotional invitation is a superb way of grabbing attention. Both paper and card products are suited to laser cutting, and you can even make promotional jigsaw puzzles by employing the process, as well!