Why Sandblasting Is an Ideal Abrasive Blasting Method for Preparing Concrete Surfaces

Posted on: 16 May 2017

Sandblasting is a surface preparation technique that involves accelerating a stream of high-speed sand particles against a surface, so as to shape it, give it a smooth or rough texture (or something in between), or remove contaminants from it. Sandblasting has so many applications in the construction world. Take a look at why it is highly favoured when it comes to blasting concrete surfaces. 

It's versatile

One of the main reasons why sandblasting is highly recommended by many concrete contractors is because the extent of blasting may vary from light cleaning to remove surface contaminants like rust, paint and scale; eroding a thin "skin" off the top surface to allow for effective application of protective coating; or, deep cutting to expose aggregate for decorative purposes.

It's relatively inexpensive

As an abrasive media, sand is readily available and abundant in supply. Hence, blasting with sand offers economic benefits because the abrasive material can be acquired cheaply. This attribute makes sandblasting a suitable abrasive blasting technique for those working on a low budget but who still want to achieve good results when they are preparing concrete surfaces.

It can be performed safely

There are inherent safety hazards to any kind of abrasive blasting process, and sandblasting is no exception. The good news is that with a professional handling the job, the risks can be mitigated. This is because experienced professionals know the ins and outs of sandblasting, and they can therefore easily identify, assess and undertake steps to cushion against typical work-related injuries and accidents that may arise during the process. 

It's fast and efficient

When sandblasting is carried out by professionals, it is a time-saving and efficient method of preparing concrete surfaces. Those working with sandblasting equipment simply need to firmly hold the equipment and direct the high-speed sand particles toward the surface of the concrete, and the force of the sand does all the work as the workmen move along. By saving on time, sandblasting also helps operators to save on money.

It should be noted that sandblasting is often confused to mean the same thing as abrasive blasting. Abrasive blasting is a generic term that refers to the use of abrasive media in the preparation of different surfaces. Sand is only one type of abrasive material that can be used. It, therefore, follows that there are other methods of abrasive blasting, depending upon the type of abrasive material used.