Skip the Stress: Do You Need a Mobile Skip?

Posted on: 22 May 2017

Skips have been a staple on industrial and construction sites for a long time now.  They keep the place tidy and contain all your waste in one place ready for quick removal and disposal - and what's more, they're fairly cheap to hire and easy to transport.  However, while getting them up and onto transport trucks is not hard, per se, it can be a pain if you need to move it around frequently.  As such, you may wish to consider your options.

Mobile Skips are Portable

If your site is large and it would be convenient for you to move your skip frequently, it may be the case that you'd benefit from hiring a mobile skip instead of a static one.  With built-in wheels, these skips can be ported around along with the rest of your heavy-duty site equipment.  You can save time spent ferrying to and from the skip.  That may not seem like much if you're just looking at one trip across the length of your site - but if you'd be moving back and forth all day, then bringing the skip with you could shave off a considerable amount of labour hours.

Static Skips Have Greater Capacity

Unfortunately, there is a downside.  In order to remain portable, mobile skips are frequently of a much lower capacity than their traditional counterparts.  As such, if you would need to remove and empty the skip often, you might offset the benefit of being able to bring a mobile skip with you; it may fill up so frequently that you spend the extra time emptying it.

Combine the Two

If your budget allows for it, you may find it convenient to hire both a standard skip and a mobile one to work in combination.  The mobile skips could be emptied into the traditional one, negating the need to take it offsite to dump waste so frequently.  You will simply need to decide whether this level of convenience is worth the value of hiring two skips.  For bigger jobs, it may well be; if your work is contained in a smaller area, then perhaps a traditional skip alone will serve you best.

You can always contact a professional at your skip bin hire company to discuss your options with them.  They will be happy to advise you of capacities and suchlike to help you make an informed decision about what's best for your site.