Concrete Formwork: Building Columns Using Cardboard Tubes

Posted on: 6 April 2021

If you are building a house with concrete columns, you should consider using cardboard tubes such as Formatubes for the formwork. This type of product is an economical material, and the tubes are versatile in general construction. For instance, you can use them for both above-ground and below-ground formwork. Also, the method for use is quite simple. You will only need to pour concrete into the tube and tear away the biodegradable cardboard when the columns set. Here are some basic guidelines for achieving the best outcome when using tubes for construction.

Choose Your Product

The quality of the formwork tubes will influence ease of construction and the appearance of the concrete columns. Therefore, evaluate the products on the market and find the best match. When shopping, opt for tubes with an outer protective coating for water resistance. This feature will prevent the premature deterioration of the tubing during construction. The inner surface should also have an oil lining. This smooth surface will create a better finish than plain cardboard. Moreover, the oil will ensure easier removal of the tubing when the concrete cures. There are other practical considerations for purchasing formwork tubes, including column diameter and length.

Consider an Insert 

If you would like concrete columns with an exceptional finish, you should inquire about the possibility of using a plastic insert. In general, a simple cardboard tube with an inner coating of oil will have a fairly smooth surface. However, the appearance might not be ideal when dealing with exposed columns designed for architectural value. For instance, there might be faint spiral lines from the structure of the cardboard. If this issue is of concern to you, you can use plastic linings such as Plastitubes. These products will ensure the refinement of the column surface. Keep in mind that these inserts might not be available in stock sizes. Some level of customisation could be required. You should discuss construction plans with your formwork supplies vendor to ensure timely delivery.

Follow the Guidelines

Finally, you should check the guidelines for using the formwork tubes for column construction. The information will prevent mishaps during the building process and ensure that the resulting structures are stable and durable. Fortunately, most cardboard tubes are easy to use. The stiffness of the tube means that you will not need to brace the product extensively. Then, pour a suitable concrete mixture into the tubing and leave the construction material to set. Once the concrete is adequately cured, the tubing can be stripped away.