Why Use Cobalt Drill Bits?

Posted on: 6 April 2022

While steel drill bits are hard-wearing and effective, there might be times when you should use a different bit material. For example, you can buy cobalt drill bits. How are these bits different and what are their advantages over regular products?

What Are Cobalt Drill Bits?

Regular drill bits are usually made from hardened steel alloys. Cobalt bits also use steel as their core material. However, during the manufacturing process, the steel is mixed with a small amount of cobalt to create a specialist cobalt/steel alloy. This addition changes the properties of the steel and the way it works as a drill bit.

What Are the Advantages of Using Cobalt Drill Bits?

Standard steel drill bits are strong and robust. However, as you use them more and more, they can blunt and lose some of their drilling power. You might need to sharpen bits periodically to keep them in good shape. You'll need to buy a bit sharpener to do this. Or, you'll have to resign yourself to replacing bits more often than you'd like.

Plus, you might have to manage the flow of your drilling work in some scenarios. For example, if you need to drill a hard material at a high power for a long time, then a regular bit might start to overheat after a while.

So, you might need to drill in stop-start phases to give the bit the chance to cool down. Or, you might need to add a cutting fluid to your process to keep the bit cool as it works. Your jobs could be more frustrating and take longer. Your costs will be higher.

Cobalt drills bits are more robust. Their cobalt content makes them stronger and more hard-wearing. They don't usually blunt as easily as regular bits. You won't have to replace your bits as often or do maintenance work on them to keep their cutting edges in the right condition.

These drill bits can tackle difficult jobs with ease that regular bits might struggle to complete. They can cut through harder and more difficult materials. They even work on tough weld-cutting jobs. Plus, they can work at higher speeds without overheating. You typically won't need to cool these bits down. You work faster and more efficiently

For more advice, contact a drill bit supplier such as Illawarra Fasteners Pty Ltd. They can tell you more about the benefits of using cobalt bits and help you check that these are the right products for your needs.